For Pazardjik and the region FOUNDATION

FOUNDATION "FOR PAZARDZHIK AND THE REGION was established for public benefit to work for the economic and cultural development of Pazardjik Municipality. “THE ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE ENTREPRENEURS AND EMPLOYERS IN PAZARDZHIK” plays a significant role and supports the implementation of these goals. Built on a territorial principle, the association actively participates in the public life of Pazardzhik Municipality and through its contacts with related organizations from regional and municipal centers in the country - in regional and national socio-economic processes.

This website is the result of the implementation of the project "The business of Pazardjik in the digital world" implemented by the FOUNDATION "FOR PAZARDJIK AND THE REGION" with the financial support of the Program for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries 2014 - 2020, co-financed by the European Union through the European Fund for maritime affairs and fisheries, under Procedure BG14MFOP001-4.047 MIRG Pazardzhik Measure: 2.2. "Diversification to activities outside the "Fisheries" and aquaculture sectors" Administrative Contract No. MDR-IP-01-97 / 10.05.2022 for the provision of grant-in-aid.

Within the framework of the project, the construction of an information system is in progress- a website representing the business within the framework of the fishing district - of Pazardzhik Municipality. The information system is a business card for future investors from Bulgaria and abroad for the Municipality of Pazardzhik. The system contains information on the main economic parameters of the region, which are extremely important in the implementation of investments - workforce and education, employment and unemployment, local finances and large infrastructure projects-investors, economic activity, business areas, and conditions for doing business.


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