The largest infrastructure project, which will impact the economic life in Pazardzhik and the district, is the construction of the Western Bypass Road. It will take all the heavy traffic from the municipal center to the motorway. At the same time, for cars traveling from the direction of Belovo, Velingrad, Peshtera, Bratsigovo, and other distant destinations, the bypass road will be the shortest route to the motorway.

The project is planned to be implemented in three stages. A detour will be built from the village of Glavinitsa with an overpass facility, it will pass over the village of Mokrishte and exit on the road in the direction of the village of Zvanichevo. At Piskovets Park, it is planned to build 2 roundabouts and a bridge facility, and the current bridge will be rehabilitated. This section is the longest - about 2.5 km, and the total route is about 5.9 km.

The Western Bypass Road will completely change the traffic characteristics in the city. It will have a positive effect on environmental, financial-economic, and health aspects.

In March 2021, a public procurement was announced with the subject: "Determination of a contractor for the preparation of a technical project and construction (engineering) of a site: "Western bypass of the city of Pazardzhik, from km 123+000 to km 128+900". However, it was terminated because all bids submitted for participation in it did not meet the conditions and requirements of the tender procedure.

According to information from the Road Infrastructure Agency, the Municipality of Pazardzhik has provided a draft Detailed Development Plan for the site. The experts of the Road Infrastructure Agency have established that for stage I (the section from the Boulevard to the erea of the project), the project is to be constructed. "Alexander Stamboliyski'' to ul. "Lyuben Boyanov '', with a length of 1540 m), the Municipality has proceeded and approved the draft Detailed Development Plan, and the expropriation procedures have been almost fully completed. Or this section has been secured in the field.

For stage II (the section from road II-Z7 Djurovo - Pazardzhik - Dospat to "Alexander Stamboliiski" Blvd., with a length of 1628 m) Municipality has proceeded and approved a draft of the Master Plan - Site Plan, but the expropriation procedures haven't started.

Stage III (the section from Lyuben Boyanov Street to road II-37 Djurovo - Pazardzhik - Dospat (entrance to Glavinitsa), length 1780 m) no planning and expropriation procedures have been carried out.

In addition to the Western Bypass, the following transportation projects are included: -a project for the construction of a new bridge structure over the Maritsa River to connect the southern bypass portion of the I-8 main road;

  • a project for a bypass road from a roundabout of an existing bridge over the Maritza River part of the I-8 Main Road to a new bridge structure over the Maritza River to connect the southern bypass road part of the I-8 Main Road;

  • project's design and construction of an eastern bypass from Main Road I-8 to Second Class Road II-37.

They will form a complete bypass road transport around the town of I-8. Pazardzhik will certainly have not only local but also regional and national importance.

In terms of road infrastructure, Pazardzhik Municipality also sets another priority - maintenance, and reconstruction of the intra-urban street network and that of the settlements, as well as the inter-village municipal one. The implementation of this objective facilitates the integration of the settlements within the municipality, increases the mobility of the workforce, facilitates access to different types of services, and ensures traffic safety. The municipality of Pazardzhik also works in the following areas:


  • Repair of secondary streets in the town of Pazardzhik, improvement of the surrounding areas and approaches to them, secondary centers in the neighborhoods of the city;

  • Improvement of the road infrastructure in the settlements of Pazardzhik Municipality - graveling and asphalting;

  • Maintenance and improvement of parks and green areas, gradual replacement of tree species;

  • Improvement of sidewalks through repair and construction of pavements;

Source: Official website of Pazardjik Municipality and Pazardjik Municipality Management Program 2019-2023.

The budget of Pazardzhik Municipality as of 31.12.2022 amounts to BGN 148 333 066.

Budget for state activities - BGN 93 203 634.

Budget for additional financing of state activities - BGN 1 146 875.

Budget for local activities - BGN 53 982 557.

The general framework of the municipality's budget, the relationship with the central budget, the activities financed by local finances, and capital expenditure can be viewed in detail here: https://pazardzhik.bg/bg/byudzhet-i-finansi


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