In Pazardzhik there are six manufacturing and several large commercial zones. In the Integrated Urban Regeneration and Development Plan of the City of Pazardzhik 2014-2020, the production zones are named conventionally according to their location or the name of a large object in them. These are DAP Zone, East Zone, South East Zone, Main Zone, West Zone and West 2 Zone. The zones are located peripherally within the urban area.

  • The DAP Zone is located between the road to the village Ivaylo and the Police School district.
  • Zone East is bordered to the north by the Roma neighborhood Mahalata, the East neighborhood and is bounded from the south by the road to the city of Plovdiv.
  • The South-East Zone is located between the road to the city of Plovdiv, the southern ring road and the Maritsa River.
  • The Main Zone occupies the most extensive area. It is located south of the Maritsa River, east of the road to Peshtera and north of the Sofia - Istanbul international railway line.
  • Zone West 2 occupies the smallest territory, bounded by the Pasha Ark irrigation canal, Pasha Ark Blvd. Hristo Botev and the West district on the north side.
  • Zone West is located in the north-western part of the city near the city exit in the direction of the village of Boshulya. From the north it borders the boulevard. Alexander Stamboliiski and Ustrem district, from the east it is bounded by Blvd. Hristo Botev and from the south it is bordered by the West district.

In recent years there has been a restructuring of production in the industrial zones of Pazardzhik. In the past, until 1944, the main industries were rice, hemp and flax, rubber and food processing. Later, the chemical, food processing, textile and engineering industries were the main industries. As the city grew, new industrial zones were established.

  • There is a weak pace of renewal of the industrial areas, which is rather partial and self-initiated in individual enterprises and companies, without following the overall vision and plan for the areas set out in the general development plan (2006);
  • All territories have good infrastructure provision in relatively good condition;
  • The primary street network is in good condition, but the service transport infrastructure in the territories is not sufficiently well developed and there is a need for extension and renewal;
  • There are declining activities in some larger enterprises (the mill combine), others operate at reduced capacity and in many cases rent out parts of their stock (Grain Foods, Elkhim Iskra, etc.);
  • Others are completely closed and their land is sold off in parts or rented out (Maritsa Cannery).

Main Production Area

The area of the city within the building limits is 37,382 sq. km according to the National Statistics Institute. Of this, approximately 25% is occupied by the Core Manufacturing Zone. The Core Zone is the largest and oldest manufacturing area in the city;

The zone has a key location that is conducive to attracting diverse types of enterprises;

Infrastructure-wise, the area is very well served - it is located next to a main thoroughfare, is served by a railway line and has a freight station;

In the Main Industrial Zone are located enterprises with higher added value, in the manufacturing industry - food, electrical, trade and services. Here are located larger structurally defining enterprises for the city's economy.

The analysis on a sample basis shows that the Main Industrial Zone has a larger number of enterprises compared to the other manufacturing zones of Pazardzhik, which also have a much smaller area, with more employees, the presence of large enterprises that are structurally determining, with higher average efficiency indicators (revenue per employee and revenue per enterprise).

The service outlets are located here - wholesale trade and a passenger railway station. Larger businesses in the Zone are:

  • Bulgartabac Pazardzhik - an enterprise engaged in the tobacco industry;
  • Vinprom Pazardzhik;
  • Ariete Logistic
  • Lacrima AD - enterprise engaged in the dairy industry;
  • Fedon Ltd - enterprise producing confectionery;
  • Elhim Iskra AD - former battery factory
  • Brox Ltd - enterprise engaged in the cleanliness and garbage collection of the city;
  • Podemstroymash AD - operating at reduced capacity;
  • Wholesale;
  • Rubber Plc;
  • Feed mill;
  • Mellor 2000 Ltd - mill;
  • Khlebmash Commerce Plc - bakery;
  • Heat

Recent years have seen more warehousing and smaller enterprises at the expense of larger industries. The passage of secondary road 37 through the area has not been a prerequisite for the location of large retail chains or other public services.

The area is relatively well served by public transport;

The wastewater of the enterprises in the Zone is currently discharged into the Maritsa River, with some of the sites having their own wastewater treatment facilities. A project is underway to connect the entire production zone to the existing wastewater treatment plant.

The following production areas of Pazardzhik are located north of the Maritsa River, peripheral to the urban area and residential districts. They are 5 in number and occupy significantly smaller areas than the main production zone located south of the river. There are no large structurally defining enterprises in them.

Production Zone West

It is placed next to the entrance - exit road - in the direction of the town. The village Vetren and close to the exit of the town in the direction of the Trakia Motorway. The zone occupies the territory of the former rubber-rubber factory "Sila''. The currently occupied functions in the area are: car dealerships, car washes, car alarm manufacturing, catering, warehouses, trade, and production of soft drinks, Nova Trade Ltd - specialized in the production and trade of soft and energy drinks

Production Zone West 2

Located next to one of the main inner-city thoroughfares (Hristo Botev Blvd.). The area of the zone is not big compared to the main production zone and occupies an area of 6 ha. In Production Zone West 2 are located the enterprises of trade and some other services (warehouses for building materials, printing houses, security systems company, etc.)

  • Belloprint Ltd - printing complex - printing company

  • Tebix EOOD - construction of security systems

  • Aval Ltd - car alarms, audio systems, sound insulation, car protection

  • SAM-Kinti Ltd - production of machines for the food industry

State automobile enterprise Production Zone

The zone is located in the northern part of the town of Pazardzhik on the road to the village of Ivaylo and near the town exit in the direction of the Trakia motorway;

It occupies the site of the former State Automobile Enterprise (SEA). The largest enterprise on the territory of the SEA zone is "Heber transport" JSC - engaged in transport and forwarding. On the territory of the area are also located the Regional Directorate of Automobile, the administration in the town and the laboratory for psychological testing of drivers. Other activities in the area are gas stations, driving schools, car dealerships and car service stations.

Production Zone East

Placed in the eastern periphery of Pazardzhik, where the first-class road Pazardzhik - Plovdiv passes. The zone occupies the territory of the former transport-logistics enterprise "Somat". In the last few years shopping complexes such as "Zora" and "Technomax" have been built on the territory of the zone

Southeastern Production Zone

The a has a strategic location southeast of the southern city bypass road coming from the direction of Plovdiv. The western boundary of the area is the Maritza River. The zone has resources for expansion in the west and north directions. The road to the village of Ognyanovo and the town of Krichim passes through the territory of the Zone. On the territory of the Zone are located the following more important sites:

  • Toyota showroom and car service

  • Shop Technopolis

  • Yavor furniture store

  • Shopping center

  • “RAIS” Ltd. - company for production of CNC machine tools

  • “Irelli” Ltd. - production of wooden toys



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